Objective: The case-study will focus on the possibility to exchange ship-time and autonomous systems for monitoring and/or cooperation opportunities during planned cruises between research vessel operators from different Atlantic countries following the OFEG and Eurofleets+ examples (http://www.ofeg.org/, https://www.eurofleets.eu/). This will provide the background knowledge to potentially expand this sharing mechanism to other areas and communities after the end of the joint action.

Program of Cooperative Actions 2021/2022: 

This programme explored 3 levels of cooperation:

  • Dedicated Observation Actions (Cape Verde Archipelago): Multidisciplinary Observation Program in the Cape Verde Archipelago (30 Oct – 15Nov 2021)
  • Opportunistic Actions (Overall Area): Surface Drifters Program (18 Oct – 18 Dec 20211); Sargasso Observation Program (30 Oct – 31 Dec 2021)
  • Long-term collaboration in the sharing of infrastructures (Cape Verde, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe)